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4/20/21 Started this site

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Please join in the effort to oppose the proposed rezoning for Carl-Bethlehem Road.

This site will be used in the future to disseminate information about all proposed rezoning matters for Barrow County and for the incorporated cities within Barrow County.

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Apr 23, 2021

A project for 400 or so homes has begun on Hog Mountain Road. We live on Lackey Road and today found 4 additional rezoning notices down the road from us. This super-aggressive development is out of control!

All of the problems this will bring should be brought to everyone's attention:


Jammed up traffic

More noise pollution

More litter

Higher taxes

Light pollution

Increased crime

Heavier burden on infrastructure

Loss of rural lifestyle

Those of us who fled the suburbs for a more peaceful lifestyle had no idea this would be the case. We are now forced to consider relocation once again as the peace and character of the area are being destroyed.

We need to consolidate our efforts to…

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